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Rewire Your Brain for Forgiveness

  • FreeSpirit Yoga 3910 Atlantic Avenue Long Beach, CA, 90807 United States (map)

Please join us for an afternoon of emotional release and healing around the topic of forgiveness. Is it possible to forgive? How do we forgive? What does it feel like to forgive?

If you've ever pondered over forgiveness, or struggled with the concept of forgiveness, yet truly want to step into a deeper sense of emotional healing and peace, this workshop is for you. Forgiveness is a beautiful gift to yourself, as well as an energetic gift to those around you.

When you can forgive a hurt and really allow yourself to release that pain, you allow more new energy to enter, so you can create more of what you want in your life. Forgiveness is actually deeply empowering and freeing.


This is a blended workshop using ThetaHealing® meditation and intentional writing to remove limiting beliefs around forgiveness and energetically invite more space for creativity and love. Lara Arguijo, Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner/Instructor, will lead us in meditation to access unconditional love and open the channel for forgiveness. Nancy, professional writer and poet, will lead us in a writing exercise to embody this new state in our words and sensations.


This workshop is for anyone open to healing through meditation and writing, and who would like to learn a process for releasing the weight of guilt or blame, and transforming that energy into forgiveness and peace. This is a non-judgmental, healing space for anyone to process their current forgiveness challenges in a supportive group. We will guide you to compassionately explore your internal thought patterns and learn tools to replace limiting beliefs with positive beliefs that are more in alignment with your true self.

This wellness experience is for anyone at any stage of their personal healing journey.


We are all capable of living a life full of joy and purpose. A limiting belief is a negative thought pattern that our brain generates to keep us stuck. For example, "I'll never be good enough," "I'll never make any money," "Happy people are fake," are negative thoughts that, if we believe them, can keep us from moving into a state of openness, freedom, love, creative flow and meaning. We work on gently becoming aware of these often unacknowledged limiting beliefs, where they came from, and what we can do to reprogram our brains for greater clarity and fulfillment. Specifically, we will focus on limiting beliefs around forgiveness, such as "I can't trust anyone," "Forgiveness makes me weak," "They don't deserve forgiveness," or anything that is keeping us from releasing a burden we want to release.


Lara Arguijo is a Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner/Instructor, Sound Healer and Reiki Practitioner. Self-healing was always a passion for Lara. Throughout her own healing journey she experienced such deep immediate changes after learning/using ThetaHealing® techniques. As she saw her personal changes drastically affecting her family, friends, and career in positive ways, she realized she wanted to share this with her community. In 2018, Lara became certified as a ThetaHealing® Instructor. She can now certify other awakened masters in becoming ThetaHealers® themselves.

Learn more about Lara at:


Nancy Lynée Woo has been awarded writing fellowships from the Arts Council for Long Beach, PEN America, and Idyllwild Writers Week. She the author of two poetry chapbooks, Bearing the Juice of It All (Finishing Line Press, 2016) and Rampant (Sadie Girl Press, 2014). She teaches poetry workshops called Surprise the Line and runs a creative agency called Imaginaria. It is her mission to bring more creativity into the world, and to help visionaries launch meaningful projects. Find her cavorting around Long Beach, California, and online at and


This workshop will take place at FreeSpirit Yoga in their upstairs classroom. Address: 3910 Atlantic Ave
Long Beach, CA 90807
 Please enter from the back, not the side facing Atlantic. There is a free parking lot in the back.

Because we believe every body deserve healing, we are offering this workshop on a sliding scale. If you can afford the $50 self-investment with no hardship, thank you for choosing that option. Otherwise, if you would otherwise be prohibited from attending this workshop, please pay what you would like for this experience. We value your commitment to your healing journey.


This workshop is sponsored by WeBloom, a radical holistic womxns collective that believes every body deserves access to wellness. Learn more at

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